Render of the bitlock pro smart lock in black and white with glowing LEDs

Bitlock PRO


The world's first brand-aware smart lock

Bitlock PRO
Bitkey Inc.
Product Design
The Bitlock PRO is a toolless attachable smart lock with touch input and haptic, sound, and light-based feedback for business. Interchangeable faceplates allow the device to adapt aesthetically to any environment or client's brand.

Project Report:

Photo of a man touching the bitlock pro smart lock attached to a wooden door
The Bitlock PRO in action

The original Gen. 1 Bitlock PRO, released in mid-2020, was plagued by many technical difficulties and negative reviews. Yet with steady sales and a year later, Bitkey had recognized the potential of a B2B-focused smart lock and saw it as an enabler of its future growth. Naturally, the expectations for Gen. 2 were very high.

Our goal was to create a device that could cater to a vast range of customers, from hotels and gyms to luxury apartments and even Buddhist temples. We understood that the key to achieving this was to focus on the client's brand, which would appeal to all potential customers. 

We prioritized creating a device adaptable to different clients' brands and environments. From the beginning, we considered customizable and interchangeable faceplates the best solution to achieve a one-size-fits-all approach. This approach proved to be time and cost-efficient while also playing a critical role in Bitkey's sales pitch. The faceplates were especially useful for brand-conscious co-working spaces like WeWork Japan, which immediately ordered 2,000 units. The Bitlock Pro's adaptability to different brands and environments made it the perfect choice for them.

The UX design of the smart lock focuses on a precise yet seamless experience that tries to keep interaction errors to a minimum. By incorporating a touch-sensitive front panel with haptic feedback, situation-based light, and audio cues, the user is always aware of the current lock status of the door. With a 30° bend of the lower part of the faceplate and a concave inset, the user is gently led to interact with the device. 

The setup process for the bitlock PRO
Animation of different bitlock PRO faceplates moving from left to right
Package renders of the bitlock PRO in white and black
The bitlock PRO with its components depicted in an exploded view
A person extending the bitlock PRO's telescope attachment while the LED's glow blue
The bitlock PRO in the WeWork offices with the bitreader+ above it
Multiple bitlock PRO prototypes layed out on a wooden table
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Hardware Supervisor

Fujiyama Yuusuke

Project Lead

Ejiri Yuuki

Design Consultant

Akanuma Momoo