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Building a stylish DAM in a DIY style

Project Overview

Communicating the importance of brand alignment through a custom-made Digital Asset Management System

A brand is only as good as the system that manages it. And having no proper system in place will make it impossible to keep on-brand communication consistent. With the vast amount of data that corresponds to a single brand nowadays, getting everyone on the same page is a very daunting task. 

Enter the Digital Asset Management (DAM) System, a single source of truth for sharing and maintaining brand assets. A DAM system allows the distribution of updated assets, regulations, templates, and documents, which conversely propagates increased brand awareness and allows for greater efficiency, scalability, and flexibility when maintaining resources. 

That being said, a DAM Saas with a basic set of features costs close to $10,000 a month, an outlandish figure for a 4-year-old Japanese startup. However, since initiating the Bitkey Brand project in 2020, I have wanted to create a single source of truth that enhances the brand experience for our members and communicates the importance of brand alignment coherently and passively (indirect influence, a staple of Japanese communication).

Instead of opting for lesser options,  I convinced my team to build the first version of the Bitkey Creative Hub within a single quarter and with a fraction of the cost needed compared to off-the-shelf solutions.

Screenshot of the Creative Hub Wireframe and the Icons of the Icon Library
Screenshot of the Webflow Designer working on the Bitkey Asset Manager
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Project Design

Make it fast, secure, simple... and fun

Getting people excited about asset management is a task in and of itself. Our primary goal for the first version of the Creative Hub was to build an accessible and intuitive filtering system that is a joy to interact with. Additionally, we aimed to digitize the logo guidelines that the Creative Team released as PDFs due to the Bitkey Brand project.

Rather than opting for highly technical solutions such as React or VueJS, we chose Webflow as a simple and collaborative platform in conjunction with the highly optimized Attributes library by {Finsweet.
Bitkey's reliance on Google Workspace made the authentification flow relatively simple with Google SSO and a custom script, conversing between Firebase and Webflow. Accordingly, we chose the already established Google Drive as the storage solution, offering unlimited storage space at no extra charge.
The asset management process works through a procedure where changes to an Airtable database are automatically pushed to the Webflow CMS. Bug reports, uploads, and sensitive asset download requests are all handled by multiple workflows and based on a certain logic through different Slack channels.

The Creative Hub was released by the beginning of July under high praise by the leadership, and more importantly, it had a visible impact on brand consistency. Teams almost immediately started adopting updated slide templates and being more aware of on-brand color and logo usage.
Now, the Creative Hub is relied upon by the entire organization on a day-to-day basis, making communication between the Creative Team and other teams easier and more efficient.

The Creative Hub continues to prove itself as an essential tool in communicating the importance of brand alignment while being extremely cost-efficient and ready to scale with the organization effortlessly.

Screenshot of the Creative Hub Dashboard User Interface
Screenshot of the Bitkey Asset Manager User Interface
Screenshot of the Icon Library User Interface
Screenshot of the Resource Page and the Logo Guidelines
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Project Credits
Web Design/ Graphic Design/ Load Animation
Keito Suzuki

Custom Script
Tomoki Takahashi