"turn any vision,

into reality."



When I started my career as a young designer in the advertising industry, I worked with an award-winning Creative Director, retired "copywriting virtuoso, and industry veteran of more than two decades", I was assured. At that time, we collaborated on a motion graphics project for the Tokyo Metro Ad Agency. Just before handing over the deliverables to the client, the Director came and asked me, "So, what's the difference between a WAV and an MP4 file? ".

A Creative in today's world must be more transversal than ever. Tools, processes, approaches, and standards are constantly changing, meaning that the most significant skills nowadays are adaptability, versatility, and a thirst for knowledge in various disciplines. Being a Creative also means having the ability to see the big picture while at the same time having enough understanding of a given subject to be detail-oriented and, if necessary, get your hands dirty. Communication is essential, and speaking the same language is vital, even if that language is market research data, KPIs and OKRs, HTML/CSS and JavaScript, CMF Design, biased vs. unbiased render engines, or WAV vs. MP4.

Just as I have taught myself the Japanese language and culture through living and working in Tokyo, most tools and design disciplines have been self-studied through hands-on experience driven by pure curiosity or the necessity to communicate more efficiently. Combining rational strategic and critical thinking with the empathetic aspects of cultural sensitivity and the emotional elements of design allows me to produce unique and innovative concepts and solutions that are user-centered, simple, and focused.

Since I got my hands on some graphic design software as a young lad, igniting a boundless curiosity for new ideas, tools, possibilities, and challenges, I have been pursuing a singular mission: "Honing the ability to turn any vision into reality."

tashkent, uzbekistan
Mar. 1992

born in Tashkent, Uzbekistan, precisely 93 days after the collapse of the soviet union

Old picture of Davron as a baby, sitting in the bathtub being washed by grandma
karlsruhe, germany

Discovered the Creative Suite at the age of 15 Starting with Photoshop CS3

Startup screen of the Photoshop CS3 software
berlin, germany
Oct. 2010

graduated from Louise-Schroeder high school in Berlin business focused highschool

Brighton, UK
may-aug 2015

Completed A marketing internship at Cactus Language School in Brighton, UK, while actually working as a motion graphics Designer creating a promotion video to elevate the brand

Four-month marketing internship in a Brighton-based language school agency.

・In charge of conception, planning, designing and supervising the “Where You Can Learn a Language Your Way” social network awareness campaign, which reached over 10,000 views on Facebook alone
・Designed the company’s motion logo for added brand personality and recognizability

Screenshot of the opening image of the "Where You Can Learn a Language Your Way" promotional video
Passau, Germany
Oct. 2015

Graduated from the University of Passau with a bachelor's degree in International Cultural and Business Studies while studying Japanese by myself as a hobby for the past 2 years

・University studies focusing on economy and marketing in an international/ intercultural context
・Bachelor thesis on the 'U.S.-Russian Historical Rivalry in Relation to the Annexation of Crimea in 2014.'

Logo of the University of Passau
Tokyo, Japan
Apr. 2016

Moved to Tokyo, Japan, for a working holiday year because my marketing prof. told me, "you will never understand Japanese culture"

・First experience working in a vastly different cultural context under high pressure
・Peforming tasks with a high standard even with a significant information gap
・Analysing, understanding, and adapting to cultural norms with a high amount of flexibility
・Studying the Japanese language and culture through full immersion

A collage of photos of Tokyo inserted into bold letters that read "TOKYO 16"
Tokyo, Japan
Jan. 2017

Joined Tokyo Ad Designers as Video editor, Web & motion Graphics Designer and also as the first foreigner in the 60-year history of the company

Tokyo-based advertisement production company and sub-contractor of Hakuhodo Inc.

・Responsible for the supervision of video projects, storyboard creation, and production of
motion-based content
・Web and digital graphic design for companies such as Hitachi Appliances, Google, Amazon, Konika
Minolta and the like
・Worked closely with copywriters to create memorable slogans and captions for companies such as
Starbucks Japan and Suntory
・Expanded the video production capabilities of traditionally print-oriented Tokyo AD Designers to a level where clients were approaching us directly for motion graphics based work

Screenshot of the creator's page of Tokyo Ad Designer's website showing Davron as smiling
Tokyo, Japan
May 2019

Scouted as lead designer by tech startup bitkey inc., Amere eight months old and with less than 50 employees

Joining one of Japan's fastest-growing start-ups.

・Conceptualization and design of new hardware/software products and mobile applications
・Production of different contents in a wide variety of design disciplines
・Quality control, direction and cross-functional collaboration

Davron talking to 2 other bitkey members in the community space at WeWork while being photographed
Tokyo, Japan
Oct. 2020

Promoted to creative manager with a big focus on corporate branding while still being the lead designer for an organization with now 200+ employees and japans biggest companies as shareholders

Now one of Japan's Forbes Magazine Top 20 start-ups.

・Direction of the corporate branding and creative development of the company as a whole
・Conceptualization and design of new brands and creative marketing strategies
・Supervision and management of the company's entire creative and design output
・Development of new business strategies and concepts
・Creation of outputs in a wide variety of design disciplines
・Team building and management

Screenshot of an interview with Davron talking about becoming a manager at bitkey in Japanese
Toronto, Canada
Jan. 2023

Left Japan after almost 7 years, moved to Toronto, became self-employed, and realized that I have never actually experienced real winter in my life

Photo of the cn tower in toronto and the rogers centre


Concept Development/ Team Management/ Project Management

Creative Marketing/ Branding & Identity

Web Design/ Product Design/ Creative Direction/ Art Direction

Intercultural Communication/ Cross-functional Collaboration

Adaptability/ Critical Thinking/ Problem Solving

Leadership/ Mentorship



bilingual proficiency


Native proficiency


Professional working proficiency


Limited working proficiency